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Who Should I Buy My Visitor Insurance Policy From?

With so many different ways of buying visitor insurance it can be difficult to know where to start. Individual brokers, travel agents, online comparison sites and travel insurers direct all over good deals on international travel insurance but how do you know where to go to make your purchase? Another factor you need to take into consideration is the insurer itself – does it make a difference if you buy insurance from an American company for visiting the US, or should you purchase a policy from an insurer in your home country?

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Experts advise buying insurance from an American insurance company if you are traveling to the United States, and not from your native country. The reason behind this is convenience and ease of use. Doctors in the United States are used to accepting US insurance cards but may be less familiar with foreign insurance packages. While foreign insurance is accepted it is easier for healthcare administrators in the US to deal with a domestic company. You may find it easier to process the claim and get any problems cleared up.

Purchasing your insurance online is a good way to get a fair price and the right coverage for you. When buying online you can browse the different policies available and find the one that suits your needs. If you require extra help you can call the agents to find the answers to your questions.

Buy your insurance from a reputable online company and one that deals with top-rated insurers. This will prevent you having problems with coverage and will also ensure a better customer service experience. Make your purchase as soon as you have finalized your travel plans, and make sure you are covered for the entire time you will be away.

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2 thoughts on “Who Should I Buy My Visitor Insurance Policy From?

  1. i am syrian doctor, now visiting in the USA, looking for healthcare coverage sep23-oct18/2013 cause i want to do an observership at providence hospital in detroid at internal medicine department and they required healthcare coverage how much does it cost me ? do you have this healthcare coverage? what is the process
    Thank you

  2. Can you please me know if there are any specific requirements you have to meet? Please post or email those requirements to us ( and we will be able to suggest a policy that meets those requirements.
    You could also enter your age and dates at to view your options and the premium.

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