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Is Wi-Fi a Hotel Necessity?

When you choose a hotel for a vacation stay you probably think about things like distance to the beach, view from the window, size of the pool and the services inside the hotel. You probably also consider the price, unless you’ve recently won the lottery. But does the fact the hotel has Wi-Fi influence your decision? According to surveys more and more people are deciding on a hotel based on facilities such as wireless internet access.

It seems visitor insurance customers are increasingly likely to be interested in an internet connection while on vacation. Many people use the internet nearly all day in their regular life so the idea of a vacation without internet access is almost unthinkable. Therefore, travelers are seeking decent coverage when they visit an overseas destination or a destination within the United States.

Visitor insurance customers are increasingly likely to specify a need for internet coverage so they can be sure they can check their email, respond to business matters and keep an eye on what their friends are doing, when they could be relaxing. For many people a vacation is not relaxing if they are worrying about how to get connected. Therefore, the reliability of the hotel’s internet connection is of upmost importance.

However, there are those that believe a vacation is a valuable chance to switch off – literally – from online life and the stresses of business, possibly the only chance you get all year. For these people, whether a hotel has Wi-Fi or not is irrelevant – these travelers are more interested in the scenery, the nightlife, the pool and the beach. For them, a vacation spent checking email and dealing with everyday life is stressful and a wasted chance for relaxation. There has been a shift to an “always on” culture where work life and spare time are increasingly blurred. What do you think – should a vacation be internet free or do you rely on an internet connection to really enjoy your trip?

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