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WorldMed Insurance

Temporary Medical Insurance for visitors outside their home country. 877.593.5403

WorldMed is ideal for tourists and visitors outside their country of residence. WorldMed provides insurance coverage for Injury or Illness, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Assistance outside country of residence. WorldMed offers optional recreational Hazardous Activity coverage.

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Plan Details

    WorldMed is designed for people who are living or travelling outside their home country from 1 month to 3 years, and provides high limit illness and accident expense protection, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Lost Luggage, Trip Interruption and Assistance coverage.

    WorldMed offers comprehensive coverage for illness and injury, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Repatriation, Travel Assistance, Lost Baggage, Trip Interruption and Optional coverage for Recreational Hazardous Activity Coverage.

    WorldMed Insurance is administrated by Travel Insurance Services.

    WorldMed Insurance is underwritten by Lloyds of London.

    Doctors and hospitals in the plan network can be located at the Coventry PPO.

    WorldMed Insurance Underwriter is rated A “Superior” by the A.M. Best Company.

    World Med Insurance plan can be initially purchased for a minimum of 15 days to a maximum of 364 days.

    If Injury or illness commencing during the period of coverage requires emergency evacuation recommended by a legally licensed physician to either the nearest medical facility where appropriate medical treatment can be obtained, or to the Country of Residence, all expenses incurred are covered up to the maximum benefit selected.

    If the insured is a ticketed passenger on any land, water or air conveyance licensed for the transportation of passengers, coverage as per the Schedule of benefits is provided if checked baggage is lost due to theft or misdirection.

    WorldMed provides trip interruption coverage to a maximum amount of $5,000 per certificate if an insured person is unable to continue his/her trip due to death, occurring to the Insured’s return to his/her Home Country, or of an Insured Person’s Immediate family member, or serious damage to the Insured person’s principle residence from fire, flood or similar natural disaster.

    WorldMed provides optional coverage for motorcycling, scuba diving, jet, snow and water skiing, mountain climbing, sky diving, amateur racing, piloting an aircraft, bungee jumping, spelunking, white water rafting, surfing or parasailing.

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    WorldMed Insurance is not renewable.

    WorldMed Insurance brochure and application can be downloaded here.

    WorldMed Insurance claims can be submitted by completing and sending the claim form along with the itemized bills.

    For WorldMed Insurance, refund of premium, less a $20 processing fee, will be returned only if a written request is received prior to the effective date of coverage. After the effective date of coverage, the premium is considered fully earned by the insurance company and non-refundable.

    • Hospital Expense Coverage Limit: Up to policy maximum.
    • Intensive Care Expense Coverage Limit: Up to policy maximum.
    • Outpatient Doctor Office Coverage Limit: Up to policy maximum.
    • Pre-existing condition coverage Limit: Not covered, Look back period for pre-existing conditions is 3 years prior to start of plan.