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Health Insurance for Foreigners

Invaluable when sudden and unexpected medical expenses occur during foreign travel.



Foreigner Health Insurance

» Can cover Hospitals, Doctor office, Rx drugs.
» Claims settled by insurance directly with hospitals
» USA based claims and customer Service
» Foreigners can enroll without medical exam
» Instant ID card and policy kit download

Our Promise

» To Be Your Advocate
» To Have the Best Prices
» To offer the Largest Selection
» To offer only trusted US plans
» To Charge NO FEES

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Foreigners Health Insurance

We offer a variety of foreigner health insurance options for those visiting USA. Our foreigners health insurance plans are intended to cover unexpected medical costs as a result of sudden accidents, mishaps, or sickness. These plans underwritten by US insurance companies and their claims are administered in USA. They feature direct claims settlement (or cashless settlement).

Health insurance for foreigners is both affordable and invaluable. The fixed benefits class of health insurance is not expensive and provides a reasonable degree of coverage. Our comprehensive foreigner health insurance plans, in contrast to the fixed benefits plans, offer a higher degree of coverage.

Foreigners health insurance plans can be bought prior to or after the start of travel. They can be purchased for a period of time anywhere between five days to three years. Most of our foreigners health insurance plans include direct payments to certain hospitals and doctors.


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