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Health Insurance for US Visitors

Plans that provide health insurance for visitors to USA are designed to cover unexpected and sudden medical expenses incurred during travel overseas



US Visitor Health Insurance

» Coverage for Rx drugs, Hospital, Doctor expenses.
» Insurance company can be billed directly (Typically no need to pay cash for hospital bills)
» Claims and customer service taken care of in USA
» Visitors can enroll without medical exam

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Visitor Health Insurance USA

Health Insurance for Visitors to USA provides coverage for expenses related to treatment of unforeseen injuries and illnesses. Sudden mishaps, illnesses or accidents can happen any time. Doctor office visits, prescription drugs, surgery and hospitalization related to new injuries and illnesses can be covered by the insurance.

The US visitor health insurance plans featured here are underwritten and administered by US companies. Companies underwriting insurance are rated based on their financial strength, as indicated by their A. M. Rating. Claims and customer support are handled in the US thus giving customers the best service. Direct and cashless settlement of claims are typical of the plans offered here.

Health Insurance for US Visitors provides either fixed benefits or comprehensive coverage. Fixed benefit policies typically cost less and offer some coverage. Comprehensive plans on the other hand, provide much more coverage.


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