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Aupair Health Insurance: Covers new injuries & illnesses

Benefits include doctor visits, surgeries & hospital expenses.



Aupair Health Insurance

» Doctor’s, Hospital, and Clinical Bills
» Emergency Medical and Evacuation Services
» Prescription Drug Expenses
» Accidental Death and Dismemberment
» Repatriation of Mortal Remains

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Aupair Health Insurance – What is Covered

US government regulations require au pairs and nannies who are non-US citizens or residents to have insurance. These insurance plans are designed specifically to cover unforeseen medical expenses as a result of sudden accidents, illness, or tragedy while staying in the US. Aupair health insurance plans are provided by US insurance companies and claims are also administered in the US.

These policies are both affordable and effective. They often offer direct settlement of claims and discounts via a PPO network. The fixed benefits class of au pair medical insurance is cheap and provides a reasonable degree of coverage. These plans usually have sub limits for each benefit. The comprehensive plans, in contrast to the fixed benefits plans, offer a higher degree of coverage and do not have sub limits for different benefits.

Aupair Health Insurance – What is Covered

The aupair medical insurance plans listed on this site are underwritten by some of the best insurance carriers. The companies have high A.M. ratings such as AIG, Nationwide, and Lloyds. A.M. ratings are provided by A.M. Best, an independent company. The world’s oldest source of insurance company ratings and information, A.M. Best Company is considered the most reliable source for insurance company ratings.

Finding aupair health insurance for travel to USA is simple, easy, and efficient. This site offers plans underwritten by insurance companies with good financial ratings. Premiums and benefits offered by various plans are also compared and contrasted.


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