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Visitors Medical Insurance For China Travelers

China visitors medical insurance protects against unexpected accidents and illnesses



Visitors Medical Insurance

» Benefits cover Rx medications, Hospitalization, Doctor Visits
» Direct settlement of claims possible (Insurance company billed directly)
» Visitor Insurance Claims & Customer Service Department in USA
» Visitors insurance enrollment possible without medical exam

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Visitor Medical Insurance China

Sudden injuries and sicknesses can occur any itime and treatment is typically expensive when away from home. Medical Insurance that covers one at home might not provide coverage abroad. China visitors medical insurance will cover expenses related to the treatment of new illnesses and injuries, such as hospitalization, physician office visits, surgery, diagnostics and prescription medicines.

Visitor medical insurance for China could offer fixed benefits or comprehensive coverage. Fixed benefit plans are affordable and have several sublimits for each covered service (such as surgery, hospitalization etc). These sublimits are lower than the overall policy limit. Comprehensive policies do not have sublimits. Policies often have a preferred provider network, providers within which may bill the insurance directly.

One could purchase a visitor medical insurance China plan before the trip or after the trip has begun. Policies can be bought for a minimum of 5 days up to a maximum of three years. Many policies are renewable, so one can extend coverage if the trip length changes. Proof of coverage is usually available and can be printed out soon after online purchase.


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