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Travel Medical Insurance India

Visitor medical insurance for India covers expenses arising from treatment of sudden illnesses and injuries.



Visitor Medical Insurance

» Benefits for Hospitalization, Rx Drugs, Surgical and Doctor expenses.
» Visitors can enroll in insurance plan without medical exam.
» US-based Insurance Claims & Client Service.
» Direct billing & cash-less claims settlement.

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Visitor Medical Insurance India

Visitors from South Asia have been well advised to be covered by travel medical insurance for India to USA trips. Unexpected illnesses and injuries can take place any time, and an insurance plan will cover the costs of treatment.

There is a variety of India visitor medical insurance plans that offer varying degrees of coverage. Fixed benefit plans provide basic benefits and are affordable. Comprehensive plans are more expensive and offer more coverage. There is a choice of policy maximums and deductibles. The cost of an India visitor medical insurance plan depends on the age of the insured, length of the trip, policy limit and deductible.

Visitor medical insurance from India to USA can be purchased either before the beginning of the trip or after the trip has begun. Depending on the plan, it can cover the visitor for the length of the trip from 5 days to 3 years. Hospitals and doctors in the network can typically bill the insurance directly. Some plans can be renewed if the trip is extended.


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