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Visitor Medical Insurance USA

US visitor medical insurance covers you in case of any sudden accident or illness occurring.



US Visitor Medical Insurance

» US visitors can register for the insurance without a medical exam.
» Costs of Doctor, Hospital, Prescription drugs covered.
» Insurance company can be billed directly by the hospitals (cash-less settlement of claims possible).
» Insurance Customer Service & Claims Department located in USA

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Medical Coverage for Visitors to USA

US visitor medical insurance provides coverage when a visitor gets injuried or falls sick and needs medical treatment. The insurance plan will pay for the treatment, including covering the cost of doctor office visits, hospitalization, surgery, ICU and prescription medications. This coverage provides peace of mind as one need not be worried about what to do when an unexpected accident or illness occurs during a trip of a lifetime.

Medical insurance for US visitors is of two types – fixed benefits or comprehensive. Fixed benefit plans are very affordable and have sublimits for all the services they cover, these sublimits are less than the policy maximum. If the cost of a service is more than the covered amount, the insured pays the difference. With comprehensive plans, the coverage is more. The policy will cover a percentage (usually 80%) of the expenses for the first $5000 of expenses after the deductible. After the first $5000, the plan will cover a 100% of the expenses. There are a few policies that cover 100% of the expenses if treatment is sought within the network.

Visitor medical insurance USA can be bought before leaving for the trip or it can be bought after the trip has begun. It is advisable to cover the length of the trip. Trips as short of 5 days can be covered, as well as longer trips, such as up to 3 years. Many policies can be renewed before coverage expires. Proof of coverage can be downloaded soon after the online purchase of the plan.


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