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Travel Insurance for India & USA trips

Hospitalization, visits to the doctor & prescription medication bills covered



Ideal for Indian Visitors

» We offer Good quality Indian visitors travel insurance for USA.
» Unexpected medical expenses as a result of sudden accidents, mishaps, or sickness are covered.
» Underwritten by US insurance companies.
» Customers are serviced and their claims are administered in USA.

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Travel Insurance for India and USA: Cost-Effective

Citizens and residents of India qualify for these travel insurance plans that are designed to particularly cover unexpected medical expenses as a result of sudden accidents or illness when away from home. Treatment related medical bills can sky rocket and cause financial strain, unless the person needing treatment is insured. With a variety of plans offering different levels of coverage at different premiums, one can easily choose coverage that suits one’s requirements. The limited benefits type of plan is affordable and provides basic coverage. Our comprehensive plans go beyond the coverage offered by the fixed benefits plans as they do not have any sub limits for each benefit.

Plans that offer travel insurance for India and USA visitors can be bought prior to or after the start of travel. They can be bought for a period of time anywhere between five days to three years. Most of our plans feature cashless payments to certain hospitals and doctors.

Travel Insurance for India visitors: Highlights

Underwritten by US insurance companies, travelers from India can obtain coverage outside India. These plans are provided through companies with high A.M. ratings; such companies include AIG, Nationwide, and Lloyds. A.M. ratings are provided by A.M. Best, an independent company. Claims are also handled in the US so direct settlement of claims is common when treatment is under a doctor or hospital within the network.

Benefits of travel insurance for India residents include treatment of an unexpected injury or sickness. These could include hospital stays, visits to the doctor, surgery, diagnostic tests such as blood work or X-rays and even prescription drugs. Treatment related to pre-existing conditions and regular physicals are not covered by many plans. Also included are emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.


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