Medical Insurance for Foreigners

Foreigners medical insurance covers the treatment cost of sudden illnesses and injuries.

Foreigner Medical Insurance

  • Claims can be settled directly without cash.
  • Hospitalization, surgery, ICU, precription medication covered.
  • Customer service and claims personnel in USA.
  • Foreigners medical insurance enrollment possible without medical exam.

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Foreigners Medical Insurance

One cannot predict when accidents happen or illnesses take place. Treatment can be expensive, especially in developed countries like USA. Medical insurance for foreigners covers the cost of treatment related to any new injury or illness. The expenses related to surgery, hospital or ICU stays, doctor office visits, and prescription drugs are covered.

Foreigner medical insurance plans are of two types - fixed benefits and comprehensive. Fixed benefit plans offer basic coverage, and have sublimits for each covered service such as hospitlization, surgery and diagnostics. The sublimit is less than the policy maximum. Comprehensive policies do not have sublimits and cover the cost of treatment until the policy maximum is reached. With some comprehensive policies, 100% of the expenses are covered in network. With most policies, for the first $5000 after the deductible is met, the policy and the insured usually share the costs of treatment 80-20. After this, 100% is usually covered by the insurance plan.

Medical insurance for foreigners can be purchased before the trip begins or after travel has commenced. It can be purchased for the length of the trip, from 5 days to 3 months. Many policies can be renewed if required, as long as the policy has not expired.

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